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I decided to give wordpress a try after hearing so much about it.  I have a blog on www.dfay.com that is through blogger (http://livingheartfully.blogspot.com) but it doesn’t have all the component pieces I wanted.  So here I am fresh in a new decade trying it out. 

I’m also wanting to create a space to offer more content on healing trauma and attachment.  Some of you who have been reading my blog or getting my ezine know how committed I am to supporting people who suffering to find a way through.  

Sort of like the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.   I’m imagining we all know the story of these two kids who are on their way to their grandmothers.  To get there they have to go through this dark forest which scares them.  They decide to leave breadcrumbs on the path so if they get lost they can find their way back again. 

When you’re in a healing process it can be very scary and hugely overwhelming at times.  We forget there’s a way through.  We get lost many times.  Feeling stuck is the leitmotiv. 

As hard as it is during those times there is a way through to a sense of completeness, groundedness, wholeness, integration.  It’s important to be surrounded by that healing reality as much, if not more, as you are feeling lost in the trauma reality. 

Communicating that and giving space for a healing community to flourish is what this blog is all about.

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